The account management is our full service package. In this case, the complete administration in the Amazon account is taken over. Together we develop strategies and adapt them to the individual goals. This includes all activities in the account from the maintenance of the inventory to the results-oriented management of the advertising. In weekly update calls we report at any time and define new goals together.

In advertising, we take over the controlling and management of all advertising activities on the Amazon marketplace. We are also happy to implement this for individual campaigns or product groups. The mutually defined Amazon strategy is our top priority. At regular periods we inform about the performance of all activities and we work sustainably as a team on the progress and stabilization in advertising management.



In the content creation we take over the complete and keyword-optimized elaboration of the listings for products. We also provide the implemented keywords so that they can also be used in advertising. Furthermore, based on the desired requirements, we also create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for the ideal presentation of your brand. In addition, we focus together with you on the creation of your own brand store for the perfect presentation of the brand and the entire product range.

Through workshops and specific training measures, it is our goal to convey all content and topics related to the Amazon cosmos in a targeted manner and to ideally prepare you and your employees for the daily challenges in the Amazon business. In addition, we discuss individual topics in one-to-one coaching sessions with you and explain Amazon FBA step by step. Together we develop a strategy conforming sales concept to establish your brand and yourself sustainably and in the long term on the marketplace.

When designing our compensation, transparency and success-based work are our principles. As an marketing agency, it is not only our job to improve performance, but we make ourselves dependent on it. We usually refrain from fixed daily rates in the projects and link us together with you to the success. Our fee is based on various success-oriented parameters.

You want to know how such a revenue share could look like? Then arrange a call with our expert for an individual strategy discussion!