Sales growth through targeted advertising measures on Amazon and PPC as a tool for product launches

amasulting has been an important part of the NEOLYMP team since the very beginning, they have provided guiding support in Europe-wide advertising management and strategic planning for product launches.

– Marcel Brüggemann, Founder



The founders of NEOLYMP have known each other for a long time and have fulfilled their common dream together. They founded a start-up in Berlin, which has made it its goal to produce quality products for the sports sector. NEOLYMP consists of a small team of young, motivated people who want to leave a footprint.


Since mid-2019, amasulting has been part of the NEOLYMP team as a strategic partner. Since then, amasulting has been in charge of the entire advertising management on Amazon for Germany and all other EU marketplaces. This enabled us to significantly increase NEOLYMP's advertising sales and raise brand awareness on Amazon. We also provided support in the strategic planning of launch processes and in the optimization of listings. In recent years, we were able to successfully place 18 new products for NEOLYMP on Amazon throughout Europe. We supported the launch process with targeted advertising measures and developed a strategy together with NEOLYMP to place new products on the market.

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